Historical Background

The Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Housing (EAROPH) was founded at its first Congress help in New Delhi, India in 1956, at a time when emerging nations of the third world were beginning to realise the importance of their socio/cultural identities and traditional values. Rapid pace of development, particularly in Asia, stimulated debates on many issues -not least of these were the subjects of urban planning and housing for the masses. Concerned professionals of various disciplines concurred that these were matters which would be best handled by those who were culturally in-tune with the countries involved -an ideal upon which EAROPH' s foundation was laid.

EAROPH was officially inaugurated under its new constitution at the second EAROPH International Congress in Tokyo, Japan in 1960 and gained its NGO status from the United Nations (UN) through its then parent organization, the International Federal of Housing and Planning (IFHP).

The EAROPH region covers all countries in Asia, Australasia and the Pacific region. The EAROPH Secretariat was moved from New Delhi, India to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1978.