APIGAM Malaysia was formed by the Eastern Organization for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH) in collaboration with UNDP – TUGI, IULA – ASPAC and the Government of Malaysia. Its role is to develop and promote Malaysia as a showcase in the Asia Pacific Region for excellence in Asset Management.


Improve quality of life for all communities in the Asia Pacific, rich and poor, through sound urban governance supported by understanding and application of Good Asset Management


To build capacity by increasing awareness and knowledge and implementing a Maintenance Culture through:


A focal point for Asset Management

As optimal Public Service Deliver depends on quality Assets’ Performance, APIGAM Malaysia will be the focal point for the development of Good Asset Management while evolving a Maintenance Culture. Malaysia will thus match its First World Infrastructure with a First World Mindset in an emerging knowledge society.

Asset Management for Asian conditions

APIGAM as an Asian Institute to be set up first in Malaysia then expends to other countries in the EAROPH region, it research and development will be geared specifically around Asian conditions. International specialist will be used to develop local management teams in each country. Its function is technology transfer within a local context.

High level of expertise and resource availability

APIGAM is able to call on the best asset management resources available and fast track the technology transfer. Back-up facilities will be made available at all times for processes, asset management intellect, training, technology, software and technical support.

Enhancement of quality of life

Asset Management helps agencies by training them on:

Good Asset Management must start from the young for a better future

Civics Textbooks in Asset Management are essential for the Young in order to maintain an excellent Maintenance Culture. Nations must be educated about its assets and Good Asset Management. Learning must start in schools. Through its research and development centre, APIGAM shall assist the education authority to develop basic materials for civic textbooks in asset management.

A National Centre of Excellence based in Kuala Lumpur

APIGAM is unique. Nowhere in the world has Good Asset Management been introduced so holistically and with such wide support. With Malaysia piloting Good Asset Development, APIGAM Malaysia will stand to become a Regional Centre to share its valuable knowledge and experience to benefit other Asian nations in the EAROPH region.

APIGAM Malaysia is established to serve the nation. A host of Service Programs are now being worked out by our international Resource Team to provide technology transfer and technical support to the public sector and awareness to the community.


Good Asset management Conferences, Seminars And Workshops

Fast Track Technology Transfer Training Programs under development with a local university

Accelerated Asset Management Implementation Program (AAMIP)

Implementing needs-based Asset Management in leading agencies that wish to adopt Asset Management Practice throughout the organization within a much shorter timeframe. AAMIP is a partnering approach to instill and implement management knowledge, techniques, methods, tools and system for all levels of the organization. The Program provides the opportunity for incorporating local and regional level participation through the APIGAM framework to achieve common objectives to raise continuing quality practices at least costs.

APIGAM Website Newsletter and Asset Management Networking

APIGAM Publications (Some examples only)

Asset Management Research and Development Programs

Asset Management Awareness Programs for the Community

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